A stint at the local rag in 1998 mostly taught me that press photographers have messy cars. And that Greggs do some bloody good doughnuts. But that aside, the experience got me hooked on journalism.

Whilst studying for a BA in English at Birmingham City University (known back then as the totally un-sexy University of Central England) I freelanced as a features writer, building a portfolio of original pieces for Virgin’s student arm, BBC Birmingham and a couple of local music magazines. I soon began writing for Channel 4’s IdeasFactory (now 4 Talent), who commissioned me to write a series of pieces exploring the regional creative industries with a focus on Art & Design, Style, Music and Education opportunities for emerging young talent.

Aptly, I later joined one of the companies I profiled – Warwickshire-based arts educationalists, Hybrid Arts – as a Researcher and Writer in 2005, raising the profile of the arts in a new hands-on-at-the-coal-face way. I have remained on this side of the fence for ten years, supporting the strategic development of the enterprise.

My writing continues to largely focus on the regional arts and cultural scene, supported by a healthy spot of creative non-fiction. For a full flavour of my writing style – should you be remotely interested – check out this recently-commissioned personal essay, my reviews site, and the images over to your right for examples of published features. Oh, and this blog of course!

I’m a regular contributor over at Birmingham Favourites and The Public Reviews.

And the rest

Likes to do things in lists, considers herself an exemplary tea drinker, spends most of her life on buses, hordes cheap jewellery and has a somewhat sordid love of Berol pens.

Favourite boy hero

Tintin – the perky quiff, the impeccable manners – just what you need in a crisis.


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