People are annoying aren’t they? I can say that because I am one.

Despite being annoyed by them I find, especially as I get a little – ahem – older, that I am very people-curious. Only, from afar – because people are also scary. Hence this blog – a space where I can bang on about stuff in (semi) public instead of in my head. Apologies for all this rampant externalising. But at least I don’t have a beard.

Join this struggling grown-up as I observe, reminisce and moan about the Terror of Life and the people who share it with me, knowingly or not. (Yes, woman who pushes in front of me on the bus every morning – I mean you.)

I live here


(In case it’s not immediately obvious, here is Birmingham, UK)

As a result, a lot of my stuff is about Birmingham. You might relate to this, you might not – if not, please don’t let me put you off this city. It’s great! I sometimes review stuff that happens in it here. I’m also unavoidably (and inexcusably) female, and no doubt that influences my writing.

Reader, whoever you are and wherever you’re from, if you recognise a bit of yourself in these ramblings then I’ve done my job.

Come again if you like!

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