Old Haunts

You’ve made me feel sad it’s closing, and I’ve never even been there!

Shawn Writes Stuff

The coffee shop that my group of friends frequented in high school is closing.  I haven’t thought about the shop since high school (over a decade ago now, yeesh), but over the weekend a friend from those days tagged me in a facebook post linking to an article about the shop’s pending closure.  Just reading the name in the headline “Paris on the Platte” sent a flood of memories to mind.

The shop was where my forensics team (speech and debate, not body cutting) would go after tournaments to partake in youthful rebellion in the safest manner possible.  The shop was on the outer edge of Denver, so we suburbanites could say we were going into the city without actually visiting the city.  A layer of smoke clung to the ceiling at all hours of the day, this being back in days of old when smoking indoors was legal.  Local…

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